Fedeliter mystery reel

Once again a reel has landed in the tackle room that has me stumped.

The Fedeliter 3-7/16” Reel-No AFR1, British Patent Applied for.

So this at least narrows it down to a UK reel, I think?

I spoke to Gary Mills and he says “it’s very Young’s, VERY Young’s but not seen one”

He did say however that when he left Youngs, in his own box of stuff he still had one of the backplate brake adjuster knobs as fitted to the Fedeliter reel.

Why would he have one of those? His words not mine, did they make it, were they investigating it or is it just a spare part in the man drawer?

Then I found this late Farlow Farlight reel and it has similarities to the Fedeliter also.

The external dial alters the twin plates sandwiching the steel check pawl. This increases or decreases the click tension and volume. Additionally a rim mounted brass ribbed button acts as a pressure brake against the fold over inner spool back flange. It is really effective in almost stopping the spool totally.

So it’s a bit of a conundrum.

Any further information welcome to bottom out the maker of this wonderful vintage fly reel.



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