Watermelon wicker creels are rare and collectable

We see quite a few wicker and willow reed creels coming to Thomas Turner on a regular basis and we were pleasantly surprised to find this one in Holland.

I normally associate these creels with the USA, but clearly, they travelled into Europe and were made by the Europeans too.

The interesting feature of this wicker creel is the wooden hand-carved support of the rear of the basket. It’s faintly marked with fish size measure and “trutte” or trout as we know it here.

The shape is so attractive and they handle or display well, and of course, in this good shape can be fished too.

Dating c.1910-20s, it’s a good find sourced by one of our Dutch contacts. We’re always looking for good condition wooded sit on or wicker fly fishing creels to sell on to eager clientele worldwide. Click here to see this one listed for sale.