Allcock’s factory trade sample display frame

These rarely seen collectable sample displays are one of the best wall hanging items for any tackle den.

Most manufacturers including Hardy, Farlow, Allcock and Wyers Freres all produced these displays.

In the not too distant past, the 19thMay 1999, a collection of Wyers Freres factory displays, owned by artist and antique dealer Anissa El Helou were brought to auction by Christies London.

The eighteen framed fishing tackle displays once hung in the Paris shop of Wyres Freres until the shop closure in the 1980’s.

The collection instantly attracted worldwide interest.

With my entire piggy bank I headed to the sale in the faint hope of catching one.

Sadly it was not to be with frames selling in the thousands; I didn’t wave my paddle once.

The top frame to memory selling for over £30,000 with commission, the price of a small terraced house, medium sailing yacht or a very, very nice pre-owned Ferrari.

So it was with some surprise when I recently located this frame not far from the Redditch area.

Despite it not being filled with stunning Gregory style lures, the baits, flies, mount rigs and tackles are all historic in their own right.

Each hand-stitched on the base card, the maker’s pattern number is faintly written alongside that item.

The Allcock’s Trademark fish print in the centre oval is typical of this maker’s style.

The wood glass front frame is approx. 24” x 21” and 3” deep. Originally it was probably recessed into a wall or panel, the frame showing the holes to top and bottom.

Value is in the many hundreds ££, perhaps low thousands depending on the content and condition. This one is available here.



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