We have buyers looking for the items below. If you have anything on this list you would be willing to sell, please fill in the form on our ‘Sell’ page to give us full details of the item along with some photographs and we will get in touch. It would be useful if you note in the description this is matching an item on the Wanted list, thank you.

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Alternatively, if you are looking for something specific in the world of fishing antiques or vintage tackle and can’t find it on our site, please contact us and we will try to help.


Items we are specifically looking for and want to buy.
A Hardy Altex No 2 reel, boxed in mint condition.
Various Hardy rods wanted:
Hardy Wanless rod in mint condition
Hardy’s Allinone rod
Hardy’s Corbett rod either no 1 or no 2.
Hardy Decantelle rod.
Bogdan and Charlton reels

Fochabers for Farlow's carved salmon
silstar x cited spinning 3549 240Silstar X-Citer spinning 3549 240
We need a top section for one of these rods if you have one to sell?
Sharpes of Aberdeen logoSharpe's Avocet coarse rod
Please let us know if you have one to sell.
Marcus Warwick fly rodMarcus Warwick Legend 11ft 3 piece 7/8 weight

We have a client looking for this specific model of Legend rod, built by the late Marcus Warwick. Please let us know if you have one you would be interested in selling.
Hardy ZaneHardy Zane No. 3 reel

We have a customer looking for one of these reels in good condition. Please contact us if you have one you want to sell.
Hardy Zane Fly RodHardy Zane Fly Rods

We are always interested in hearing of any Hardy Zane Fly Rods that are for sale.
Hardy Silex JewelHardy Silex Jewel
Do you have a Hardy Silex Jewel in nice condition you'd like to sell? We'd be very interested to hear from you if so!
Hardy Silex JewelHardy Silex Jewel or Super Silex in LHW
We are now also looking for a second Hardy Silex Jewel or a left hand Super Silex
Hardy Flyweight reel
If you have a nice example of this little reel from Hardy's please let us know.
Hardy Deluxe 8'6' #4/5 fly rodHardy Deluxe 8'6' #4/5 fly rod

We have a new customer looking for one of these rods if you have one to sell?
Half-moon dial Hardy Silex MajorHalf-Moon Dial for a Hardy Silex Major

A small item: We have a client with a pre-war Hardy Silex Major that needs a half-moon dial as per the one pictured (this one is from a Superba but is identical). Do you have one with LIGHT on the left and HEAVY on the right (opposite of a Super Silex) that you would be willing to part with?
4-section Sharpe's rod bag

We want to buy a 4-section original rod bag for a 14' #10 Sharpe's spliced rod, - in mint condition.