Hardy Silex Tournament HM multiplier casting reel & box, stunning and very rare


Extremely rare Hardy Tournament HM series multiplying reel, we understand there were only a handful made. This model in 3 1/8” diameter is fitted with an offset counterbalanced crank winding arm, free spool lever, Duplex type over run wire brake, and additional graduated adjustable brake lever control. The correct 75mm ribbed brass foot is stamped “Patent No 272409” and to the reverse “HM8.” The reel has an overall width of 1 ¾” and retains virtually all the original black lead finish. It comes with a spare brake operating rod and the correct original green base-lined mahogany box, stamped “HM8” to the lid, with original leather strap and buckle. This is a superb collector’s item, probably one of the rarest Hardy reels in the world. The handle and brake lever have to be removed to fit in the box.

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