Steven of Berwick, rare 1870/80,s all brass crank wind winch ,we have blogged this reel


Many of the tackle shops at the turn of the century used the term “Maker” loosely.

Its common knowledge that the big tackle makers including Heaton’s and Smith and Wall, Malloch’s etc. manufactured trade reels.

Initially blank, the shops or retailers could have their names stamped onto the reels, (or any tackle) so they appeared to be the “Maker”

They may be the Maker of something, but not necessarily that thing!

A little self-importance can go a long way.

The reel shown here is a bass crank winch reel stamped to the face

“Steven of Berwick” in a typical Scottish shield logo. In fact the whole reel has a Scottish feel.

That’s over engineered, heavy, solid, loud check clickers with a steel feel

The crank arm is substantial which is a wee bit over the top for a reel of only 2-5/8” diameter.

The check clicker sounds more like one used on a salmon reel than a trout model. The original handmade steel screws and pillars are all good; the reel is strong and will probably fish another 100 years.

Great collecting value at present and a good addition to any collection


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