Hardy Perfect 4″ salmon fly reel rotating line guide c1900 white handle to fish


Early Hardy 4” alloy salmon Perfect reel, c 1904,

this right hand wind reel has the original white handle, working strapped tension regulator with Turks lock screw,

correct original 88mm smooth brass foot, stamped “A” to side,

dished face plate, 2 rows of small perforations, recent Hardy replacement drum screw, rotating nickel line guide in Hardy stamped brass frame,

a faint hairline crack running between edge of brass line guide to inner rim as is common on this model, as seen in images, does not effect the use or operation of the reel,

which retains good original dark lead finish, upright calliper check c1904, fine collector’s reel that can be used confidently and weighs 510 grams with line and backing, initials “SG” to winding plate.

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