X rare Farlow Patent Lever Perth style 4 1/2″ salmon fly reel, details stamped in wood c1880


One of the rarest of all Farlow Patent lever reels, this is the Perth style in wood and brass with brass bindings to rims

4-1/2″ diameter and 2-1/2″ wide, clearly made for the big salmon rivers of Scotland or Norways perhaps,

Farlows Makers details are stamped into the wooden backplate rather than on the face

” Patent No 2862 C farlow & Co ltd 10 Charles St St James Sq SW & 191 Strand london WC London”

the patent tension half penny blade to backplate too, Oil hole on rear spindle hub, original turned horn handle,

smooth check and the face plate retaining most original finish, one of the finest examples ive seen

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