The Stanley Reel Saga – Update 2

Stanley style threadline reels

When I wrote the first article on the Allcock-Stanley threadline reel a couple of weeks ago I thought I had seen them all – wrong!

In a collection we are currently selling, these two ‘Stanley-esque’ threadline fishing reels turned up. Similar in size and principle to the original Stanley reels, they are amazing to look at and handle.

Threadline fishing reels


On the right we have a black crackle finish alloy and brass threadline reel with just the smoothest action ever, and guess what, it’s a multiplier. WHAT I hear you say, a multiplier? Yep, never seen one until today. Beautifully engineered and fully working, it’s a collectors dream and then it gets even better!

On the left is a single-wind, super smooth threadline reel in alloy and brass, and in right-hand wind too – Nice! The ‘Shepherd’s crook’ lays the line correctly still and it is useable even today. Turn it upside down and it’s stamped “Receiver Ref ??? A&M trademarks??” The plot thickens!

Threadline fishing reels

So it’s been upscaled from an old radio set or similar into a fishing reel, such is the ingenious mindset of yesteryear’s anglers. It’s 100% operational, although you can’t get Radio 2 on it, I’ve tried!

Looks like this could be an on-going thread about Stanley-style reels as more weird examples turn up.

If you have any similar reels, please do get in touch and we will write a further article about them.


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