The Hardy Silex Saga

Hardy Silex water damage

The sad demise of an early Hardy Silex reel due to poor storage.

This reel dating from c. 1900 would have had a value of around £300 if all was good with it. However years of water damage through being stored wet has reduced its value to only about £30.

That’s a real (reel!?) shame as the owner was of the opinion that as it was a Hardy and old it was therefore valuable.

Water damaged Hardy Silex

Wrong – three things you need in any collectors market: condition, rarity and demand!

We have two out of three at least…

It is quite a rare reel and there is demand but NOT in this condition. It’s even missing parts – they fell off when I touched it!

So, look after your tackle so to speak. Always dry it before storing it away as damp and condensation are a resale value killer for vintage and modern-classic tackle alike.

Do you have any vintage or classic modern fishing tackle to sell?

We are always interested in purchasing high quality vintage or modern tackle items. If you have a collection or an individual item to sell please get in touch. You can use our contact form, or email me at Please include some good clear images, watch our helpful video for some advice on that. We will get right back to you by phone or email.



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