The Chippindale reel – not a leg to stand on!

Chippindale threadline fishing reel

That’s right vintage tackle lovers, this is in fact a Chippindale reel, not a Chippendale chair we are talking about here.

The beautiful all-brass threadline spinning reel below is based on the original Model 1 Chippindale Patent 1909 reel – with differences!

Chippindale threadline reel
The “Chippindale” Patent Casting Reel – a thing of beauty says John Stephenson.

The original Chippindale reel as seen in this book extract below, was a collaboration between Sydney Payne of Otley, Yorkshire and Thomas Chippindale. They brought this reel to market and made long casts simple for everyone – a revelation at the time.

An original Chippindale reel
An original model 1 Chippindale reel

The model 1 reel wound through the backplate, this one does not, yet the spool and line pick-up are virtually identical. Many parts on the original reel were cast, whereas these have all been machined on lathes or bench-made.


This brings me to the conclusion Watson, that this is a cleverly engineered creation or prototype!

Chippindale fishing reel
There are some lovely engineering and design details on this reel.

The workmanship is fabulous, right down to the blue steel screws. The gearing is smooth and the winding is even smoother, the line pick up is simply a bent steel rod, and a turned and polished bone handle sets it all off – I love it! What an eye catcher for any cabinet.

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