The Kings of Nottingham.

King's patent side casting tournament reel

This is a rare early Kings Patent side-casting tournament reel, what a cracker!

Patent 1905/12, that’s 1912 by Mr F King, it features a 4″ diameter mahogany wood backplate made in the Nottingham style.

Nottingham style reel backplate

A very complex reel for its date and quite fragile too.

It has a tapered shallow drum for distance casting perhaps with an orbital brass wire line guide and correct inner single handle with brass line clip and an alloy star back.

I think of the few of these that I’ve seen over the years, only a handful mind you, they have all suffered hairline fractures to the alloy stem from perhaps too much strain for the thin alloy casting.

By depressing the spring shuttle it allows the drum to turn 90 degrees to cast and recover line, simple!

Working ratchet check mechanism

Fitted with a working ratchet check, what’s not to like!?

A great looking reel for any collector and only going up in price.

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