Multum in Parvo and Fishing Reel Design

Malloch style reel

Multum in Parvo is a Latin phrase that was used by Hardy’s to advertise their black japanned lure boxes. It translates as ‘Much into little’.

No better phrase to describe this wood and brass side casting tournament-style reel then!

Malloch style fishing reel

Cleary designed on the Malloch principle, this reel has a spring indent twisting foot turning 360 degrees in ¼ turns, so it can be left or right hand wind. The 2” diameter spool has a very shallow 1-3/4” wide parallel drum and it is tapered on the lip to allow the line to spill off easily reducing any friction.

A single alloy handle fits onto a Nottingham style drum face. The central brass wing nut acts as a tensioner and oddly, a spring bar can be adjusted at the rear to increase tension too, so two brakes for such a tiny reel! Why?

Maybe it’s not a tournament reel after all, it’s not super free running; the casting eye is too close to the drum causing friction, so maybe it’s the elusive ‘longdistancecastingwidedrumtwinbrakingreel’ thing, designed by a really clever engineer who had WAY to much time on his hands but what a great collectors reel for us to discuss!

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