The Hogarth reel, or maybe not!

The Hogarth that wasn't

One of the best tools any tackle collector can have is the now out of print reference book, To Catch A Fisherman by the late Jamie Maxtone-Graham, 2nd edition 1984.

Allegedly all the fishing tackle patents compressed into one book, by name, Patent no. and application design.

When I told him in 1986 I was running the first UK Tackle Collectors Club he signed a copy of my book – “John, whatever will you think of next”, only Jamie could write that!

An absolute one-off, a character and one of the first UK tackle dealers leading the way for many others to follow.

However this isn’t about Jamie, it’s more about the book and it usefulness to all collectors, a real must-have!

As you thumb through the book, images and details stick in your mind.

A Hogarth lookalike vintage reel

I thought I had finally found the holy grail of thread line reels. Patented in 1933 by J B Hogarth of Doncaster, it’s a dead ringer for the reel I obtained last week. But then reading the Patent application it turns out not to be, so near, but no cigar.

The reel I have does not have the reciprocating spool (lifting up and down) to lay the line, and that was the Patent.

In other respects the odd shape is very similar, almost spooky similar in fact. I may even use the danger phrase; “possibly a prototype“, which is tackle dealer talk for I don’t know what it is, but I’m impressed!

Alloy and brass fishing reel

Its’ interesting, clearly factory made with cast brass and alloy turned parts, a multi-faceted handle (I’ve been dying to use that phrase for weeks) and there you have it.

A nearly 1933, nearly patent, possibly factory prototype spinning reel by somebody and it’s just a great early spinning reel to boot.

Hope that clears it all up for you; get a copy of the Patents book. They turn up on the internet and are worth their weight in gold.

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