The lure of Hardy glass fibre rods.

Hardy Jet Salmon Fly Rod

Being of a certain age I remember the 1960’s, 70s & 80’s as a time of tackle innovation and no personal funds!

Nose pressed against the tackle shop window lusting after the iconic Hardy rods I would one day be able to afford…

Back to the current day and there is a resurgence in the classic glass fishing rod market. Both in terms of us old geezers buying the things we couldn’t afford way back then, and in manufacturers just plain running out of carbon ideas, revisiting glass fibre (or fibreglass) blanks to boost market share – makes sense!

Makers in both the USA and UK have relaunched glass rods, they’re not cheap either, you can be paying hundreds of ££/$$ for one so why not buy an original!? They are still cheap by comparison and are only going up in value.

Rods in the Hardy coarse fishing range are leading the way in terms of UK sales, as well as Oliver’s, Terry Eustace and a handful of other specialist makers.

Hardy Matchmaker glass fibre rod

The iconic Hardy Matchmaker, Richard Walker Avon, The Carp, Fred J Taylor Trotter, Perfections, etc., can all easily sell over £200, dependant on condition of course.

Fly fishing was equally well covered by the Hardy Fibalite & Jet ranges of rods (JET came from the initials of American caster J E Tarantino) showing the cross-pollination of ideas between the two continents.

The Hardy glass rods went though many makeovers in terms of the blank colours, whipping colours, handle styles and reel fitting materials. In fact it is a great collectors range and many people aspire to owning the full set.

So why buy glass?

They are certainly heavier than carbon, with a thicker diameter and softer action, usually lower tech guides and possibly aged silk whippings.

Yes it’s all of that, but so much more! Using the glass fibre rod naturally leads you to buying the correct period reel.

For coarse fishing for example, there is the classy Swedish built Abu Cardinal; the famous French built Mitchell 300 and the very English Allcock’s Aerial centre pin reel.

Hardy Jet Spinning rod in Fibalite

They often bring back the memories of childhood angling through your rose-tinted bi-focals.

There should be no rushing about, no dragging tons of high tech gear, no casting to the moon and beyond.

Finally, these rods are going to continue to rise in popularity and price and therefore represent a good long term investment too, but it’s all about the fishing really isn’t it.

Please click here to view our current available range of Hardy glass and carbon fibre rods!

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