The Sims Improved Casting Reel

Sims improved casting reel

I’ve never seen one before, nor have most of the top collectors so we can say it is rare!

Sims Improved Casting Reel, Newcastle on Tyne

Sims improved casting reel
So have you heard of Sims of Newcastle on Tyne? We want to know!

This came in with some other weird and wonderful reels last week and what a little beauty it is.

It is 3” diameter and fitted with a spring-loaded, twisting foot arrangement.

The handle is located inside the dished drum making winding in a bit awkward, but as the reel seems designed more for casting than winding, it works!

Sims improved casting reel
Dished drum with handle inside.

Little is known it seems about Sims of Newcastle on Tyne. Any information out there would be gratefully received so we can explore this maker a little more.

(Please email me at .)

If you are interested in adding this Sims Improved Casting Reel reel to your collection, it will be added soon to our eBay store at

The reel style dates it perhaps 1920’s. Similar attempts to create a distance reel for light lines were being introduced at that time, including Farlows with their fabulous Turn Table reel below.

Farlows turntable reel










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