Hardy The Ideal Phantom Bait

It’s a popular theme with Hardy to name the tackle items after the designer or its practical use application.

The “Perfect” reel, because they considered it perfect; the “Zane Grey” and the “Barton” after the designers; a “Simplex” net as it was simple to operate, and so on.

The bait shown here is the Ideal Phantom Bait – so named as it’s ideal for salmon! There are many about but it’s the outer card box that’s the winner,

Few of these boxes show up for the collector, and they make interesting reading.

This late Victorian box is a work of art. In a brown/burgundy colour with silver text it boasts many Royal connections and Warrants.

The box is marked “By Royal Warrants, Makers to HM the King, H.I.M the King of Italy and H.I.M the King of Spain” and further lists the Hardy Branches of Alnwick, St David St Edinburgh, Moult St Manchester and Pall Mall London.

Not only does the box complete the package, it helps collectors date the items using the address and any Warrant information. Value £70-100, this is a good find for any lure or Hardy collector.

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