100+ vintage rod, reel & gadget collection bought

Another successful buying trip in the south of England brought in a large collection of varied vintage tackle.

It’s always great to have variety and whereas most dealers only buy one specific theme; coarse, perhaps fly or sea, we at Thomas Turner pride ourselves in having a buyer for everything.

With our huge customer base and increasing demand, we need quality tackle items and fresh to the market stock.

Take a look at the image here of just one of the collections bought recently, there’s something for everyone! A Hardy Sea Silex with brake lever, Malloch rare smallest size little Sun & Planet geared fly reel, along with several wood, brass and alloy reels including a weird turntable model, not seen another!

Classic 1960s centre pins including Allcock’s Aerials, Grice & Young Avon Royal and Conquest models along with J W Young trotting and fly reels, Pike zinc live bait kettles, wood framed landing nets, Abu and Mitchell reels, all are welcome.

Check our blogs frequently as we list new collections and remember, call Thomas Turner first for a fair, fast and discreet deal when selling your collection, new or old.

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