Buying vintage tackle collections – another one arrives

We are often offered high-end tackle collections including items by Hardy, Farlow, Malloch, Sage, Loop and on and on.

But we need the mixed and varied collections too. This image show a collection just in this week; all will be listed online shortly.

A vintage well-used Conway creel makes a good tackle den or cabin display. The steamed or bent wood creel is amazing, and zinc-like bait kettles are interesting gadgets to hang old lures, plug and floats on. The wooden Nottingham pattern reels by Slater and Allcock’s are pleasing to the eye with brass and wood material mix. Luxor spinning reels are quirky.  Hardy Altex, Hardex, Uniqua & Silex reels are always popular sellers, but the ancient pike bank runner with floats is my favourite as its all hand made a century ago.

Classic Centrepin trotting reels like the J W Young Rapidex, Trudex and Allcock variants are good to fish. Malloch side casters of c. 1900 are great shelf fillers, and the little brass and alloy reels are interesting too.

Now some of the items may have little value. It’s common for a small percentage of the collection to have a large percentage of the value.

But here at Thomas Turner we will happily take in all of your collection and not cherry pick leaving you with low end items you cannot sell.

So, give us a call, send a few good clear images and whether your trading or selling tackle, new, used, classic or antique, we can help.

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