Allcock’s Improved Coxon Aerial reel 1925-28 in rare 3” size

The Allcock Improved Coxon Aerial reel came about in an attempt to resolve the binding issue with wooden reels.

Even when fitted with a brass starback the reel would warp with changing weather conditions and not “spin with a breath of wind” as the catalogue claimed.

So in 1925 Allcock’s launched The Improved Coxon Aerial with a brass liner inside the wooden backplate to prevent distortion.

Offered in two sizes, 3 1/2” and 4”, the 3” model here is uncatalogued but was produced in very small numbers. The reels ran for only 3 years making them both rare and collectable items.

Alloy drum with twin white crazed handles, 6 spoke with tension regulator, this reel has small chips in the inner drum flange against the handles as can been seen in the images, so you may be able to swap out the drum with another alloy standard reel should you buy it.

The drum measures 21mm between internal plates so it’s small in diameter but wide in form.

The original wood backplate with inner brass ring denotes the Improved part of the title, with a brass starback with the foot return stamped 2748, and additional solder to the spindle to tighten it. The optional check ratchet button works but is tight, so a little TLC is needed on the ultra-rare Aerial but it is worth saving or displaying as is. 

This one is in stock at the time of writing, click here to view.

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