Hardy Palakona 4’4” two section split cane rod

Almost unbelievable in length and weight, this week we sourced a rare Hardy Palakona 4’4” two section split cane rod.

A tiny wisp of a little thing yet it works. Identical to its big brothers in finish and style it’s truly remarkable.

It is line rated #5 and having put it together and fitted with a flyweight reel and #5 lines I cautiously went fishing on the back lawn.

 You know what? It works. I can just imagine a tiny stream or brook with bushes and reeds making any cast difficult. This little wonder will do it nicely and handle a sizeable trout to boot.

It’s not the first time Hardy have ventured into hand crafting tiny rods. The 4’4” Banty is just as rare as the Palakona being made for Abercrombie & Fitch in the USA in 1966. I imagine they shared many of the characteristics with cosmetic differences.

The Palakona came to us with not one but 2 Hardy card hang tags giving the correct details and spec, so a real collectors rod, but who could resist a cast or two with this one. In stock at the time of writing, to buy it click here.

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