Farlow wood fly reservoir cabinet & over 300 gut eye salmon flies inc large eagle up to 3-1/4″


Superb collection of over 300 vintage gut eyed salmon flies, up to 3 ½” long, all contained within a superb Farlow of London, polished wood salmon fly reservoir cabinet, measuring 13”x10”x6 ½”, with military style recessed hinged folding nickel handle, original front lock with key, lid open to show an original Farlow ivorine address plaque to underside,

6 original lift out wood trays with paper lining and base, all fitted with Wheatley metal salmon clips,

the trays contents as follows:

Tray 1 – 23 large Eagle Feather flies up to 3” long, 3 missing gut loops.

Tray 2 – 42 large singles up to 3 ¼” long, including low water and fully dressed patterns.

Tray 3 – 66 single hook flies up to 1 ½” long.

Tray 4 – 66 double hook salmon flies up to 1 ¾” long.

Tray 5 – 56 single hook salmon flies, 4 missing gut loops.

Tray 6 – 54 single and double hook salmon flies up to 2 ¾” long.

Superb collection for any specialist salmon fly collector.

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