Hardy Super Silex reel 1929-53

Hardy Super Silex

As a prime example just arrived in stock, I thought it worth a few minutes to look at the Hardy Super Silex reelA firm favourite with the steelheader’s of Canada as well as salmon anglers worldwide.

The benefit of the Super Silex drag system is the finesse with which the drag can be adjusted and employed. So casting with a prawn, shrimp or even lead shot can be delicately controlled with this check avoiding overruns and giving superb control using the outer rim as an addition friction bake.

Hardy Super Silex drag

The example here is a 4-1/4” diameter and it’s the wide drum, we see less of these and they are great for holding masses of line for the bigger fish on fast rivers.

Things to look for when buying, Ensure the rim adjuster over the dial scale turns easily and all is working internally. A major issue can be fractures in the front drum rim edge and on the backplate cage as it’s so thin in manufacture. The reel drum should spin freely with no wobble.

Hardy Super Silex

Clean and dry all components to prevent dirt from clogging the brake check mechanism and causing wear. An extra word of warning – be careful not to drop or bash the reel as the alloy gets brittle through age.

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