Three missing Hardy Perfect reels, keeping the faith

More of a thankyou than a blog, this is the story of three missing Hardy reels.

These were ordered in October 2018 by a new customer in the USA at a cost of almost £1,000. We shipped them by courier, but as the days & weeks went by the reels didn’t arrive.

We issued a full refund to the customer with an apology followed by an inquisition with the courier.

As is often the case, it’s like punching fog. It’s disturbing to find how little progress can be made with so much effort. As the weeks and months went by, all seemed lost.

Then out of the blue eight months later we received an email from Lucinda from The Church of Sanctvs in London to say she had received a box of 3 fishing reels. Clearly addressed to Thomas Turner with all the relevant paperwork inside, it was delivered to her with some lost clothing she had sent to the USA in November last year.

It beggars belief in this day and age of tracking and IT accuracy that when it all goes wrong it still comes down to the human touch. Honesty and integrity are the bywords of this blog.

Lucinda, God bless her contacted us; re-packaged the reels and without delay sent them the following day.

It’s people like Lucinda who help the red mist, the fog and despair fade away and reinstate your trust in humanity, not machines.

Thanks from TT to all at the Church of Sanctvs.

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