The Hardy Wye Palakona salmon fly rod range

THeralded as the “best all round rod for general purposes” in the Hardy Anglers guides, it’s as popular today as ever.

Hand built in the Alnwick factory it came in 3 standard lengths, 11’, 12’6” and 13’6”, the 11’ being the rarer of the range. The 1960s rod is the most collectable/ desirable with modern glue techniques.

A stout powerful design for long casting as well as Spey style casting, it’s once again right in the current casting trend.

Supplied with 2 tops from the factory, although a saving could be made when ordering with only one top, but if the cloth bag has 2 slots then it should have 2 tips.

The 11’ rod weighs 12-1/2ozs. for a #7 line

The 12’6” rod weighs 18 ozs. for a #9 line and

 The 13’6 rod weighs 21-1/4ozs. for a #9 line too.

According to the catalogue the “11’ rod may comfortably be used by men of a fairly powerful physique”not at all PC in the current climate.

Little used examples will have a price premium.

Matched with a Hardy Perfect or St Andrew, or similar classic Farlow reel such as the 175thanniversary model, they fish well as a balanced outfit. The Palakona cane rods are a joy to fish and feel amazing when something other than a midge bites!