xx rare Allcock Dominion variant Aerial reel c1914 with script engraved backplate & block leather case


A fine and ex rare Allcock’s late Dominion variant Aerial with script engraved backplate from 1914. Designated model No 5100 ½ it was made with the Allcock’s script on the backplate for one year only after the contract to supply Albert Smith with the plain backed Dominion Aerial ceased.

This is a 4” diameter example, ebonite drum measures 1” inside plates stamped Patent to front flange, 6 spoke with tension regulator.

The Dominion pattern solid backplate is stamped No 13, the alloy backplate features the normal smooth brass foot blade on-off check button to an internal copper calliper check, fully working,  the reel spin absolutely straight and well for an easy 50 plus seconds.

The reel is all original, no changes, repairs, fractures or breaks, and comes with its fitted black leather aerial case. These unique cases could be purchased from Allcock’s as an accessory and feature the internal spring pad which locates on the reels centre spindle.

Further details read ref book:

 The Allcock Aerial, A Collectors Guide, B Singleton, pages 44/45

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