X Rare Hardy all Brass Perfect 4-1/4 inch 1896 Salmon Reel in Hardy Bros Leather D Case


Very Rare Hardy Brass ‘1896’ Salmon Reel in Hardy Bros Leather D Case.

This reel is the actual one featured in Graham Turner’s book on page 342 and was purchased from Angling Auctions. One of the finest ‘1896’ Perfects available.

Large and small perforations to dished face plate, Rod in Hand, Straight Line and Oval logos, original white handle, rim tension regulator with Turks head lock screw, central oil hole, internal blue steel flat spring calliper check and pawl, ball race, three holes in foot block, smooth brass foot, original left hand drum screw, this reel retains most original bronzing throughout, and comes with Hardy correct fitted D shaped block leather reel case, stunning set.

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