R Lees of Perth Scotland 4-1/2″ laburnum wood & brass salmon reel 1856-1895


A rare R Lees of Perth Scotland 4-1/2” laburnum wood and brass salmon plate wind reel. R lees were trading 1856-1895 so this really is a true Scottish antique salmon reel collectively known as Perth reels. Measuring 55mm eternally across the frame, turned brass pillars and screws, polished horn handle. The light edge colouring is the bark of the laburnum wood which gives an attractive contrast finish. Correct 95mm brass foot, the reel has a constant check clicker. An early factory or professional repair has been neatly done on the inside the front flange to support a hairline crack in the wood,( a common failing of these reels) and adds character to the item. A stunning display piece for any collector. These reels are known for binding if kept in a centrally heated house. Top Tip, stick it in the fridge for a few hours and they contract and work again.

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