Pair of Omnia Le Super reels by TJ Harrington English threadline spinning reels torpedo casing


We have a pair of the full bail arm version of the Omnia Le Super threadling spinning reels, made in England by T J Harrington & Son Ltd in Walton on Thames in Surrey.

The spool dials are slightly different on them, egg or torpedo shaped bodies

One has Le Super at the top and Omni at the bottom and the other has Le “Omnia” Super at the top. Both then have Made in England also marked.

The one with just Le Super at the top has a repaired arm – two metal plates have been fixed either side of a break to hold it back together.

The one with Le “Omnia” Super has a nick in the back of the foot but the overall finish is in better condition than the other one.

Apart from those issues, all parts on these super retro looking ‘rocket-ship styled’ reels seem to be present and they both turn freely and both bail arms are still sprung.

Two very cool little reels for a collector.



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