Mill Tackle Co. “Mill Brook Reel” Prototype Gary Mills’s personal collection Coxon aerial


Mill Tackle Co., “Mill Brook Reel” Prototype model from Gary Mills’s personal collection. I have spoken to Gary today and he confirmed this. Based on the improved Coxon Aerial pattern. 3 3/16” double ventilated alloy drum, 6 spoke with tension regulator, twin white handles. Correct 68mm brass foot on 4 screw brass starback. Optional check button to internal metal spring. The alloy lined backplate engraved “Millbrook, Gary Mills”. A stunning reel, comes with a letter from Gary 3rd. May 2017 explaining this reel is the unnumbered Prototype of 40 from his collection, a reel that he has fished. Reel comes in maker’s zip padded corduroy case & with a polished wood custom display plinth with an engraved brass plaque.