Pezon et Michel Luxor Relax French Vintage Spinning Reel in gold finish


Pezon et Michel Luxor Relax , French vintage spinning reel.

A cross between a closed face and a traditional open face reel, it’s a well-made piece if kit

Marketed by Pezon et Michel and made by the LLM company, Pezon owned the Luxor name but not the rights to the reel components or design.

The reel has an unusual enclosed bail operating system.

By depressing the metal toothed blade and the base of the flier housing an internal ½ bail arm open outward against the flier to release the line. By holding your finger across the green spool drag knob, you simply lift to cast. A turn of the handle engages the bail up collecting the line and it’s all good to retrieve.

As with most Luxor reels, they are smooth well-built and come in a variety of colours.

The reel casing has a silent ratchet on off button; this reel is left hand only and in fine original condition with factory gold finish


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