JJ S Walker Bampton Patent canvas covered rod former carrier with rod, rare item


Walker Bampton of Alnwick Patent rod former

This rare and attractive canvas-covered wood rod former or protector just came into stock,

Measuring 41” long the inner wooden D shaped former is drilled to take the rod sections.

A leather cap with brass buckle holds the brass threaded rod butt pin in a little hinged flap pocket as part of the removable cap( need strap stitched )

Two nickel oval plates are riveted to the canvas side, one stamped “JJS Walker Bampton Makers Alnwick” the other “ Patent Applied For”.

The 9@ 3 piece rod is a traditional Englisdhpattern split cane bamboo fly rod with one tip shorter than the other.

More of a river model with its brass fitting looks all-the-world like a 1900-20’s creation.

Really attractive display piece for any collection


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