Hugh Falkus – Salmon Fishing A Practical Guide Hardback Book


‘Salmon Fishing A Practical Guide’ by Hugh Falkus, Published by H.F & G Witherby Ltd, London. Join the author Hugh Falkus as he takes you on a journey into the mysterious world of the elusive Salmon in this epic book. Hugh questions past belief’s, developing and applying new strategies and tactics in his approach to fishing for Salmon. Learn to truly understand the life style patterns and behaviours of Salmon to maximise your potential and learn and develop as an Angler. Approaches to both Fly and Bait fishing methods are addressed by Hugh, in what is both a lucid and practicable approach to Salmon. Spending thousands on tackle, then this book will be the best investment you ever make, “Work smarter, not harder” a wise man once said. An excellent read and in good overall condition. There are no missing pages, rips, tears or repairs. The dust cover does have some signs of fading around the left and upper edges.

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