HRH Prince Axel of Denmark trout & salmon fly collection Hardy Farlow & huge flies


A superb vintage salmon and trout fly selection landing from the collection of the late HRH Prince Axel of Denmark.

Salmon and trout flies and boxes, a Hardy Neroda red oxblood box with Chenille interior, Danish insignia hand painted to lid, similar insignia on the black japanned dry fly box with celluloid lids, an ex large Wheatley alloy swing leaf tin for Hardy with Hardy security clips and some huge salmon flies up to 3-1/4” long, Wheatly alloy box with spring strip interior stuffed with trout wet and dry flies, Danish insignia to lid, a Farlow leather cast wallet with celluloid pockets, a hazel and brass weighted fish priest, Farlow accessories and casts, all u see you get, a super collection with Royal heritage

We had the pleasure of meeting with the family of the late HRH Prince Axel of Denmark, 1888 -1967.

A Danish Prince from the House of Glucksburg, he was a keen sportsman during his life and an angler of note.

Prince Axel’s residence in Bernstorff was bought in 1978 by the British Government and became the residence of Britain’s ambassador in Denmark. The new occupants maintain the late princely couple’s private library in situ. It contains a significant number of books about fishing and sailing (Wikipedia)

His grandson with whom we met is the son of Prince Fleming. He married a non-noble woman and so became Count of Rosenborg, his son, and our contact brought the tackle collection of his grandfather Prince Axel to the UK to meet the Thomas Turner Coy.

The theme is game fishing related and many of the items carry a hand painted red white Danish flag insignia as well as the letter A on the fly reservoir and one engraved reel.

The tackle is untouched and in its original form, not cleaned or altered to retain originality.

We recommend any prospective buyer print of this listing as a Certificate of Authenticity relating to the tackle and its historic Royal heritage.

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