Hardy The JW Dunne No2 Dry Fly Box and flies black japan exterior


Hardy The JW Dunne No2 Dry Fly Box and flies

Made of black  Japanned Tin

As featured in the Hardy Anglers Guide 1934 as follows:

“The compartments are fitted with transparent lids , so that the flies may be seen, while the name and number of each fly is printed on the lid.”

This refers to the J.W. Dunne collection of flies also featured in the same catalogue. The No1 box held mayfly patterns numbered 1-8, while this No2 box held all the other trout patterns numbered 9-33 and extra patterns A-F.

Oval Hardy makers plaque is on lid. The black japanned finish is in good condition.

There is a mixture of flies in the box, not necessarily corresponding to the descriptions so has been used as a general fly box by someone.

All the lids are complete albeit yellowed and faded with some of the end tabs missing, but the descriptions and numbers are legible still.



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