Hardy Bros Improved CDT Carry All Creel with two Sections


Hardy BrosImproved CDT Carry All Creel with two Sections

From the 1934 Hardy catalogue in which there is a similar looking creel (although this looks earlier)…

“The “Carry All” Creel

In this basket the lunch, etc, compartment is above and quite clear of the fish.

The straps are arranged so that the basket may be worn over the shoulder in the ordinary manner, or with strap over both shoulders as a knapsack – a welcome relief when 10 lbs of fish are to be carried any distance.

Made of the best brown English wicker.”

The long brass strap has one loose rivet in the lid. It has an interesting makers mark on it with a number of 400 stamped above it followed by a very feint 78. Below the mark/logo is the number 12.7 followed by a very feint .81. At the top of the brass strap you will find Hardy Bros flanked by Makers and Alnwick.

It hinges on leather straps with further leather straps and buckles securing the top and lower sections, then the long brass strap and clasp is secured by a wooden peg. All straps including the shoulder ones are complete.

This really interesting creel is in excellent condition for its age with no major damage, and perhaps less than the expected amount of wear and tear.


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