Antique Hardy Leather-Bound Creel found in 1894 catalogue


Hardy Antique Leather-Bound Creel with a leather-bound lid and top half, this unnamed very distinctive creel from Hardy’s of Alnwick, England is in great condition seeing as a very similar model is listed in the Hardy 1894 catalogue.

This one has a leather flap over the fish hole in the lid. It uses the leather top as a hinge for the lid and a brass clasp and plate to the front.

The main body is made of very fine wickerwork, tightly and evenly spaced, re-enforced with leather straps.

There is some wear to the edge of the leather in particular around the lid.

It’s canvas and leather strap is complete and attached. Stitched repair to the leather on top in one corner.

Approx 15″ wide x 9 1/2″ deep x 12″ high some worm hole,s but has been treated



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