Fochabers (For Farlows) Carved Salmon


Carved Fochabers (For Farlows) Salmon.  mounted on a bevel edged rectangular wooden backboard. 102cm by 35cm. Back marked C. Farlow and Co. Ltd. Fishing rod manufacturers. 191 Strand, London.
This is a historic and important model of Sir Mervyn Peel’s Salmon from the River Towy in 1905. Samples of his flies and photo of this model feature in the publication Farlows Salmon Flies by Martin Lanigan-O’Keefe.

Inscribed “SALMON (FEMALE).  Length 2ft 10 3/4 inches.  Girth 19 inches WEIGHT 16 1/4lbs Caught by Mervyn Peel at Danyrallt. SEPT 14th 1905


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