Farlow’s Antenor 10′ foot cane fly rod with two tips & alloy tube v decorative


A rare vintage Farlow’s Antenor 3 piece split cane fly rod with 2 straight tips in their own metal tube and cloth bag.

Some of the makers transfers and text on the butt section have worn away but are still legible enough to make out Farlow’s, Antenor and the Holdfast logo and the middle section is missing one rod ring. The two tips are not quite matching and one is 3 inches shorter with what looks like a more contemporary tip ring added, possibly as a result of a breakage – both tip rings are agate lined as is the butt guide.

This rod has a black button and metal butt cap. The reel seat has a sliding bottom collar over a wooden reel spacer to a fixed slot in the base of the handle for the top reel seat. There is a piece of cork added as a repair to the lower end of the handle and a brass collar to the top of the handle as it tapers to the rod blank.

It comes with a brown rod bag which has no makers label.

Apart from those items noted above, the rod is otherwise in good condition given its age with no major blemishes and remains a very nice collectors piece.



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