Farlow 191 Strand leather wallet stuffed antique gut eye trout flies Bernard box, Stour fishery permit etc


A unique collection of antique fly fishing ephemera being the property of the late Dr. Claud B. Ticehurst (Guys Hospital). The collection containing a fine Farlow, 191 Strand leather wallet, absolutely stuffed with small sets of trout flies to gut loop sprays. Approximately 40 sprays in this and a second smaller wallet. Black japanned domed tin holding various dapping flies. A double layer cast tin with a handwritten note to Ticehurst dated 1915. A rare Stour Fishery Association member’s ticket paper roundel with engraved cathedral image to the rear of printed paper contained within a 2 ½” diameter card dry fly box with flies and matching SFA leather wallet. 2 x Hungerford Fishery tickets with river map, a catch diary dating 1890, a ticket to “Angle For Trout in Mr. Gipps Water Three Days In Each Week” dating 1899. A J Bernard London black japanned tackle tin with various early handmade spinning baits and hooks. Assorted other related tackle items, postcard etc., fascinating reading and a unique time capsule for any fly collector.


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