Early Stanton Harry Reynolds 5″ ball bearing centre pin reel with leather case


Vintage Stanton/Harry Reynolds centre pin reel is a rarity.

Made 1939 /39, restarted in 1942 until 1960s.

Harry Reynolds was the reel maker.

This model is 5” diameter with factory original alloy handles, ventilated face with alloy pillar drum spindles.

No ratchet ever fitted to this model. The alloy foot is fitted with a screw so could be remade or replaced if required.

Spins well on the bearings and has its drum slock screw key underside of the leather case lid.

NOTE, the bearing race has loose balls so unless you’re really careful, the balls will drop out when dismantling the reel, so be warned.

A great collector’s reel with a story and of course very useable.

Comes with its stud fastening leather case, nice touch!

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