Bo Mohlin Sweden No6 Double Action fly reel #10/11 in black with leather case, stunning


A super Bo Mohlin of Sweden No 6 Double Action fly reel for lines 10/11

finished in black, looks unused  and comes with makers monogram leather fitted case.

The Double Action Mohlin reel is probably the best invention since the wheel. The smooth anti reverse system prevents your fingers being knocked about when a strong fish takes a long and fast run. But as soon as you turn the handle forward, the reel changes into a direct drive, giving you the control you need! No more messing about; if you turn the handle, you turn the spool. If you release the pressure on the handle, the fish can run as fast as your chosen drag setting allows it to. (Please note that the Double-Action reel does not have an outgoing click sound.)

Below: Model Name, Line Capacity (including matching backing),  Weight of the reel,  Drag system and the Price including handmade leather reel case. (Worldwide shipping. Prices are excluding Postage & Packing and insurance*)


  • Double Action 6. # 10/11 320 grams  Cork Disk Drag € 1330. retail


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