Barry Grantham Redmire 30″ frame carp Landing net with signed bamboo handle and brass fittings


A fine early Barry Grantham Redmire traditional wood and bamboo carp landing net with 30″ frame arms, modeled on Walker’s famous net, its features laminated wood arms supported with brass plates hinged on an alloy yoke and fitted with a  bakelite spreader block, long alloy screw and brass internal tube washer, the 64″ decorative hollow bamboo handle is fitted with brass butt cap and threaded end socket, the handle written in black ink, “30” Carp, Made by B Grantham”, it appears unfished, a super usable collectable must-have net for the traditional angler and comes with a knotless mesh deep net ready to fish,this with a MK4 rod and classic Mitchell 300 has to be the ultimate good looking carp kit we have these in stock so take a peek!


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