Antique Wooden Fishing Pole Inside Metal Walking Cane


Antique Wooden Fishing Pole Inside Metal Walking Cane

This is a really fascinating antique fishing curio. A tapered metal tube has been painted to appear like a piece of bamboo with 4 stepped sections.

At the tip is a screw-in brass fitting with a nipple where you would image a rubber grommet or similar perhaps once was located when it was used as a cane.

At the top of the ‘cane’ is a brass screw-in cap packed with protective wadding. When unscrewed, this cap reveals 4 pieces of an antique wooden fishing rod (2 main sections with 2 tips). These sections are fitted with simple lay-flat rod rings whipped in place with black thread. The two tips have some additional whipping in places which may be adding strength to weak spots or as repairs.

The lower rod section screws in to the tip of the cane in place of the normal fitting described above to make this a 4 section pole measuring around 10 feet in length.

There are no obvious makers marks but what a marvellous piece of fishing history to own and display.

Condition: C


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