antique Farlow 191 Strand & 10 Charles St London retail shop salmon fly wooden display tray


This is a rare find, a Farlow shop display wooden display tray used to show and sell salmon flies within the Farlow premises.

Originally part of the shop fittings, this tray would be filled with fly patterns, each identified by the handwritten tabs at the end of the row.

The flies held and displayed in the Wheatley clip strips take to the customer for his selection

Tray measures 25” x12” x1” , eighteen strips of nickel clip sets which when full must have looked amazing.

A black-painted brass central plaque reads;

  1. Farlow & Co Ltd, 10 Charles St SW and 191 Strand London,

A piece of Farlow angling history just waiting to be filled with tradition salmon flies to display

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