Alvey Snapper Reel 5.25 inches


Alvey Snapper Reel 5.25 inches

A classic Alvey reel and especially given the new resurgence in interest since they nearly closed earlier this year.

Made in Australia and 520/A5 2/7 stamped on the foot bracket. Alvey Snapper Reel and fish logo decal present on the backplate and in good condition.

The spool face had a sticker with “Fibreglass Maximum Strength” on it.

The reel itself is missing one handle that screws in so a replacement could likely be sourced. It turns and the star drag works. It is a little dirty but will clean up nicely with a little TLC.

Nice collectors reel and one that is likely to get more sought after.

Condition: B/C (due to missing handle)