Allcocks Duplex early threadline English fishing reel dating c 1935-40


The Allcock’s Duplex threadline spinning reel

Its probably one of the simplest of all ideas.

On the surface it’s to convert a reel from left to right hand wind, or is it?

Allcock’s in association with a Mr B J Wakeflied of Plymouth jointly sealed a Patent on May 10th 1932.

The production reel became the Allcock’s Duplex reel.

I assume Wakefield had some sort of royalty agreement.

It was thought the simple idea of rotating the whole reel 180 degrees gave the option of right or left hand wind, wrong! The patent states;

“the direction of rotation of the flyer can be changed by turning the reel body through 180 degrees about a pivot”, that pivot being the large screw at the rear.

So the Patent design was to untwist line, a scenario that plagued the spinning lure fisherman’s for years and still does today.

Initially the spring bail had to be held open with finger, then later a brass stud was fitted to the stem to hold it open.

This has a replacement bail arm stud fitted and a small chip out of rear of the foot, a fully working example.


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