Allcocks Aerialite 3″ bakelite vintage dry fly reel, a rare find in best condition


Allcock’s Aerialite 3″ dry Fly reel, a collector’s piece

It’s often thought Bakelite reels are very much at the bottom of the pile in collecting terms

Not so, they targeted a mass audience with lower spending power by choice or circumstances and fulfilled a need.

Allcock’s were volume sellers of these Bakelite reels.

The Aerialite Swimming reel model 8926 being the best seller with other models including the Surf 89230, a boy’s reel 8919 and this one here, the rarity,

the Aerialite Fly Reel 8929

Available in a take it or leave it 3” size and weighing only 4ozs it’s an ideal budget vintage reel to fish on cane or modern glass/ carbon rods.

The extract shown here is from the Allcock’s 1937/8 catalogue.

If I say and Aerialite Swimming reel sells, £30-40 on a good day I have seen the little fly reel do 3 or 4 times this price,


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