A Classic 10′ hollow glass Avon Coarse fishing rod


A Classic 10′ hollow glass Avon rod, 2 piece with gold whipped light weight guides, brown spigot ferrule,

29″ straight cork handle, with light alloy reel rings, good all-round course fishing rod, for traditional angler.

Check our another listings for suitable vintage reels to use with this rod;

It’s always fun to fish with reels from the same era as your cane or fibre glass rod.

Fixed spool reels such as Hardy Altex and Exalta, J W Youngs Ambidex and Mitchel 300 models are classic traditional angler favourites.

Centrepins include; Hardy Conquest and Eureka, Allcock’s Aerials, Speedia, Grice & Young Avon Royale and JW Youngs Rapidex and Trudex models and more are all available from us in a range of prices to suit your budget, check our other listing or email us if you require further assistance.


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