A Celebration of Salmon Rivers Limited edition book by John B Ashton & Adrian Latimer


Mint condition limited edition of A Celebration of Salmon Rivers by John B Ashton & Adrian Latimer, published in 2007.

A Celebration of Salmon Rivers is devoted to the Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, and the magnificent rivers it inhabits. The book depicts more than 50 of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers, each described by those familiar with it and committed to maintaining and preserving it. Here in one book are all the salmon rivers fly fishers dream of fishing–the Alta, the Laerdal, the Spey, the Dee, the Moy, the Big Laxa, the Ponoi, the Kharlovka, and the great rivers of Canada. No other book has come close to capturing so many wonderful rivers, many of which are remote and exclusive and have never been seen in published photographs.

Contributors include some well-known anglers such as Adrian Latimer, Charles Bingham, Hoagy B. Carmichael, Michael Wigan and Max Hastings, as well as many others, less well-known but well worth reading. Proceeds from the sales of this book when new went to the North Atlantic Salmon Fund in support of their salmon conservation work. Foreword by HRH Prince Charles. Introduction by Orri Vigfusson. Printed in Denmark, published in the US by Stackpole Books, and in the UK by Merlin Unwin Books. This is the limited edition version of the book, of which only 200 were published.


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